We can work with you to produce any unique jewellery item of your choice. Your bespoke item will be designed and made to your requirements by our team of designers, goldsmiths and jewellery making experts, across several stages.

Stage 1

Begin your journey by scheduling a complimentary consultation with us. You can either come and see us in person or schedule an online consultation via zoom, to discuss ideas for your perfect, unique item of jewellery.

Stage 2

Our experienced computer aided design (CAD) designers will create an accurate design of your jewellery piece, perfect for manufacture. You will receive photo-realistic images of your ring for final approval. Our precise design software allows us to determine the exact amount of metal and stone sizes required and therefore transparent cost breakdown. The only amount payable at this point would be a small fee (approx. £100 – 150) to cover the cost of the CAD procedure.

Stage 3

See your jewellery design ideas really start to come to life. The first aspect of this stage usually requires a wax model being created. Once you are completely happy with your design our master craftsmen will start making your bespoke piece. It’s only at this point that you will be asked to make a 50% deposit.

Stage 4

Before shipping, we inspect every aspect of your jewellery item, to ensure it is of the highest quality and meets our standards. Once approved, it is beautifully boxed and ready to dispatch.

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