Different diamond grading laboratories have different standards of grading. It is therefore wrong to assume that two diamonds of the same grade, are the same quality, if they have been graded by two different diamond grading establishments.

Diamonds with ‘in-house’ diamond grading certificates or certification from less reputable diamond grading laboratories, are likely to have been graded more generously than if the same diamond was sent to a strict diamond grading laboratory such as ‘GIA’, ‘AGS’, ‘Anchorcert’, ‘HRD’ or ‘IGI’. For example, a diamond graded as ‘VS1’ clarity and ‘E’-colour by a less reputable diamond grading laboratory, could easily be graded as ‘SI1’ clarity and ‘H’-Colour by more strict and reputable diamond laboratory.

For this reason, a diamond graded for example as ‘I1’ clarity and ‘K’-colour may sound as though it is fairly low down on the clarity/colour grading scales. However, if graded in accordance to the strict grading standards practiced by GIA, AGS, IGI, Anchorcert or HRD for example, visually, this could still be a very beautiful diamond and should not be automatically dismissed, if it’s optical appearance meets your requirements.

We certainly try to represent the stock we have the best we can, but wherever possible, we would always advise having a look at a diamond in person, with your own eyes. We are always happy to try to accommodate this for you where possible.

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